This page is currently under construction. Alumni, please check back soon to learn what we have been up to and how you can support your brothers. If you need to contact us, please feel free to email our President, Nathan Mayor at

Cornell Kappa Sigma Alumni

Donations of any amount directly help your Brothers of The Alpha Kappa Chapter of The Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Cornell. As your Brothers, we are beyond thankful for your contributions that help us achieve our goals, many of which are the same that you set out to achieve when you were a student at Cornell. Listed below are two ways you can financially contribute to our chapter.

Giving to Cornell

Donations made through this website with the "Kappa Sigma Group Housing Fund" selected will go directly to fund renovations and updates to our beautiful home at 600 University Ave. We are currently planning multiple housing improvements and renovations that will allow us, and future Kappa Sigmas to call this their home. For updates on these projects, and how you can help, please reach out to be added to our newsletter, or email our President, Nathan Mayor.

Kappa Sigma Chapter Scholarship Fund

Donations made to the Kappa Sigma Chapter Scholarship fund with the "Alpha-Kappa Chapter Scholarship Fund" selected will go directly to a scholarship fund that benefits Brothers of our chapter. Our Brothers apply to receive these scholarships and they help them achieve their goals by alleviating some financial burden that their education places on them and their families.